Security Digest

Monitor and Control Senstar Sensors within OnGuard

The Network Manager Service to OnGuard Gateway (NMS-OnGuard Gateway) provides a complete, bi-directional software integration between Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors and the OnGuard open architecture security platform.

The integration provides two-way communications, with OnGuard receiving alarm and status information from Senstar sensors and enabling the control of sensor controls such as relays, lighting levels, and self-test initiation. Based on the received zone and equipment alarms, the full range of OnGuard security responses can be initiated, including commanding camera actions and providing visual and audio alerts.

The Gateway scales to cover systems of any size and reduces equipment costs by eliminating the need for relay output modules and associated intrusion panel inputs.

The Senstar-OnGuard integration provides customers with options to create a security solution that is readily supportable, easily expandable, and cost-effective.

Features and Benefits of the NMS-OnGuard Gateway

  • Display zone alarms, hardware diagnostic faults, and communication faults from Senstar sensors within OnGuard
  • Sensor events are received as Intrusion Panel Zones that can be selected for monitoring in the OnGuard Alarm Monitoring screen and used to trigger OnGuard actions
  • Sensor controls (relays, Senstar LM100 lighting controls, self-test) are seen as OnGuard offboard relays
  • Sensor events can be bypassed/unbypassed by user action and can be the target of mask/unmask Scheduler actions • Support for Gateway and Network Manager redundancy
  • Supported sensors include FlexZone, FiberPatrol FP1150, FiberPatrol FP400, Senstar LM100, OmniTrax, UltraWave, UltraLink I/O, and XField
  • Alarm Logic Engine support
  • Based on the OnGuard OpenDevice API (Intrusion device interface)
  • Certified for use with OnGuard 7.6 and 8.0

For additional information, see the Network Manager – OnGuard Integration datasheet