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Fiber Optic Sensors for Intrusion Detection – FiberPatrol FP1150

Collage of three use cases for Senstar's FiberPatrol FP1150

Fiber optic sensors are ideal for protecting sites of all types and sizes, including utilities, oil and gas, and corrections.

In particular, sites that are sensitive to electromagnetic energy benefit from fiber optic sensors, as they are immune to EMI and lightning, intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres, and require no powered or conductive components in the field. Other benefits include: fibers can be reused for other applications, 25+ year cable service life, and cut-immune configurations (when supported).

FiberPatrol FP1150

Senstar’s FiberPatrol FP1150 is a point-reporting fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system that can be fence-mounted, buried, or deployed in a wall-top configuration. It supports distances of up to 80 km (49.7 mi) per processor. Advanced detection algorithms detect and locate intrusions while rejecting events caused by distributed weather conditions like heavy wind and rain. This results in higher security and system confidence, and lower nuisance alarm rates.

Fence Applications

The FP1150 works with chain-link, welded mesh and expanded metal mesh fences. A single pass of sensor cable provides effective protection for fences up to 4.3 m (14 ft) in height. The sensor may also be used on palisade-style fences, depending on the specific characteristics of the fence.

Wall-Top Applications

For walled perimeters, the FP1150 sensor cable is mounted at the top corners of the wall. Any impact to the sensor cable by an intruder’s hands, feet, or climbing aid will be detected by the system. For the highest security, the sensor cable can be installed on both the inner and outer sides of the wall.

Pipeline TPI Applications

The FP1150 is designed specifically to detect third-party interference (TPI) activities that threaten pipelines: machine or manual digging, heavy machinery operating in the nearby vicinity–even people walking within the protected area if so configured.

Data Conduit Applications

The FP1150 also detects TPI to fiber optic data links and other cable infrastructures. It requires a single optical fiber to detect events anywhere along the cable’s pathway, and determines and reports the precise location of each event.

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