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What is Security Management?

The end goal of security management is to create and implement policies and procedures to protect people, buildings, information assets, machines, and systems. This requires an audit to identify assets and the development of security policies and procedures to protect those assets.

Security management procedures are used for:

Security Management Systems

Security Management Systems (SMS) are software applications that operate and monitor a site’s perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems and hardware. The SMS may also be integrated with video management, access control, and fire detection functions. Security management systems streamline processes that help operators manage daily security routines to critical crisis response.

  • Standard security management system features include:
  • Alarms and event notification
  • Event-driven and schedule-based actions using a rule-based engine
  • Optimized graphical user interface
  • Customized security priorities and workflows
  • Complete logs
  • User roles and access control
  • Third-party video management system integration

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