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Video Surveillance Systems and Security Infrastructure

Video surveillance systems are not limited to just monitoring activities. They can impact many aspects of an entire security infrastructure and beyond.

Videos can be used to monitor activities, but they also have the power to impact an entire security infrastructure and beyond.

High Definition Cameras

High-quality cameras are essential to any surveillance system – from directional security footage, panoramic views, or 360-degree coverage.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses the face as a way of identifying or confirming an individual’s identity. It can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or even in real-time. Examples of how facial recognition systems can help authorities include quickly finding missing children at amusement parks by scanning faces with cameras or taking drivers’ pictures when vehicles approach toll booths or security gates.

Rapid Forensic Search

Intelligent searches of video archives are revolutionizing the process for security staff and law enforcement to find any needed clips from video footage.

Intrusion Protection

Outdoor video surveillance cameras are made to be resistant to all types of weather and low-light conditions. Alerts can be immediately responded to by security staff.

Video Management Software

Video management software (VMS) provides real-time security monitoring and playback of video surveillance footage from an on-site, centralized, or mobile location. Higher-end systems can also bring in alarms and sensor data from various sources, which can be used to notify security personnel of potential security threats.

Video Storage

Surveillance networks have advanced significantly since the days of analog. They now include a host of features that make them more efficient. One such feature is storage capacity, which has become increasingly important to consider when designing video surveillance systems.

License Plate Recognition

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) are high-speed, computer-controlled camera systems that typically use optical character recognition technology to read plates at rates far higher than human operators or cameras. ALPRs are used in policing, industry, personal security applications, and for toll collection on highways.

Business Intelligence

Video analytics can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of security video surveillance systems. This includes facial recognition and behavioral identification, which in turn creates a better experience for any security personnel who are monitoring those cameras.

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