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Types of Security Fencing

Security fences are the first line of defense in creating a barrier for physical security. There are many options available for security fencing:

Chain Link

Chain link fences are an essential part of security because they offer protection and privacy. In addition, they are re easy to install, durable, versatile, and can be used for different property types.


Steel has been the traditional metal for security fencing. However, aluminum could be a viable option due to its lighter weight and corrosion-resistant properties. In addition, aluminum can be manipulated into unique designs more easily than steel which allows it to stand out compared to other metals while also being environmentally friendly and recyclable if required.


Steel is a sturdy, long-lasting material due to its strong composition and durability. Steel fencing offers improved security over aluminum because it can withstand pressure from strikes. Different coatings such as galvanization mean superior weather resistance as well.


Consider ornamental fencing when trying to enhance the security of your facility while also increasing its aesthetic appeal. Ornamental fencing could include wrought iron fencing, palisade fencing, mesh panel fencing, and more.

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