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Perimeter Security of Solar Farms and Power Plants

Solar farms are essential to the world’s transition to renewable energy and play an increasingly important role in meeting our electrical needs. A solar farm is a large-scale solar power plant. The typical solar farm is hundreds or thousands of acres and can generate tens or hundreds of megawatts of electrical power. Solar farms are now being built worldwide. Their popularity will increase in the coming years.

Solar farms and plants are critical infrastructure facilities prone to common thefts, vandalism, and terror attacks. Solar farms can better protect their assets and personnel from potential threats by implementing a perimeter security solution. A perimeter security solution is a comprehensive and integrated approach to security that includes physical, virtual, and logical security measures.

A multi-layered approach is necessary to protect the physical security of solar farms and other components of power grids. A sensible combination of physical security technologies is a cost-effective solution for providing physical security for all critical elements of the grid.

A Systematic Approach To Solar Farm and Solar Plant Security:

Avoidance of security incidents in the first place is always the best outcome.

Security technology can reliably detect intrusion attacks.

Detection at the perimeter provides additional time for security forces to assess and respond.

Integrating video management systems with perimeter sensors maximizes situational awareness.

An effective response requires the right people to have the right data at the right time.

Engage response force – on-site, remote operators, or law enforcement agencies

Senstar’s perimeter security solutions include:

Fence-mounted locating sensors

  • Accurate and cost-effective
  • Easy to install on an existing fence
  • Scalable for any perimeter size

FiberPatrol FP400
Fence-mounted fiber optic sensors

  • intrinsically safe and cost-effective
  • EMI and lightning immune

Senstar Symphony VMS

  • Scalable, affordable video management with built-in analytics
  • Outdoor people and vehicle tracking
  • PTZ auto-tracking


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