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Mining Perimeter Security

The mining industry is a vital sector of the economy that extracts and processes natural resources from the earth. These resources include metals, coal, oil, and gas. The mining industry employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and is responsible for billions of dollars in economic output.
The risk of a security breach in a mining environment is high. Remote sites, reliance on hazardous materials, and limited local infrastructure make them susceptible to malicious attacks that can damage the environment or disrupt production.

Mining and Mine Perimeter Security Protection

It’s essential to consider a perimeter security solution to mitigate security risks in and around a mining facility. Perimeter security protection of mines and mining facilities includes:
  • Detect
    Detect unwanted activity and receive early warning of approaching people or vehicles to detect perimeter breaches with fence sensors, motion sensors, and video analytics.
  • Deter
    Stop intruders by deterring them through the systematic deployment of fences, security lighting (both internal and along the perimeter), signage, two-way intercoms, and other security mechanisms.
  • Delay
    Maintaining your entire facility perimeter fence is crucial for defending against intruders. It can slow down or even stop them from entering an area where they could cause damage, steal confidential information and property, or harm co-workers.
  • Respond
    Your security measures must assist you in responding to an intruder, assessing the situation, and interrupting or apprehending them as required. In response to intrusion or threat, you can also alert security personnel to inform law enforcement as quickly as possible.

Senstar Security Solutions

Recognizing that different mining operators face different security requirements, Senstar offers a range of fence sensors, security lighting, and other security solutions to meet the requirements for sites of all sizes. Individually, they provide best-in-class protection; combined, they form an integrated, multi-layered solution.

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