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Facial Recognition Problems

Biometric face recognition has been implemented in many industries, but they are still met with some skepticism. Concerns against this monitoring technology include errors in recognition, privacy, and misuse of data.

Identification Errors

Facial Recognition technology doesn’t always work as well as it should. Facial Recognition systems can be impacted by poor lighting or low image quality. The data may not match up with the person’s nodal points because of camera angles being obscured; this creates an error when matching faceprints cannot be verified in the database.


Privacy issues exist with facial recognition technology because of the ability to identify and track whereabouts, which may constitute an invasion of rights. Facial recognition technology can track individuals, which makes people uneasy. In addition, significant data breaches are all too common these days, and the personal information that facial recognition software collects is not immune.

Misuse of Data

Although facial recognition technology has been used for decades, mistrust comes from how the data will be used ethically. Facial recognition can be applied to captured video footage of public and private spaces. Privacy advocates continue to view this as an invasion of privacy because many organizations lack accountability when data breaches occur.

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