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Benefits of Access Control

There are numerous advantages to purchasing and upgrading to an advanced access control software/system. Technology can be utilized to increase capacity and capabilities while decreasing costs. Here are a few key benefits and advantages of access control software/systems:

Threat Mitigation

Access control is one of the primary mechanisms in perimeter security. Technologies such as smart cards/badges, facial recognition, and fingerprint biometric scanners are not easily compromised.

Increased Security

Back-office data to provision access to authorized people and vehicles, increase the efficacy of perimeter security monitoring, especially in remote or unmanned access points. Integration with video analytics and video management solutions (CCTV) further extends the capability of access control systems.

Increased Accessibility and Reduced Costs

Access control software/systems allow for remote access and multi-site management, extending the capability of your security workforce. Savings are realized through decreased security personnel and the requirements for on-site costs (shelter, heat, and energy).

Simplified Access Management

Access data for employees, contractors, and visitors are easily provisioned and decommissioned using the access control back office. Physical key management and employee turnover security management can now be simplified.

Reduce Theft and Accidents

Restricted access and access logs management by access control software/systems help to deter theft and accidents in any organization.


Multi-site and remote access management increase the scalability and ease of deployment of access control. Unlimited access points and people are easily managed through state-of-the-art access control software/systems.

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