Security Digest

Secure Logistics Facilities From the Outside In

Render of perimeter intrusion detection and video management products protecting a manufacturing facility

Protecting warehouse, manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment facilities is more critical than ever before. With so many facets to these large sites, having one vendor who can provide products to secure both outside and inside, as well as mitigate risk, can make the job a whole lot easier.

Senstar has been protecting critical sites for 40 years. #senstar40years


Detect and deter intruders at the perimeter, before they cause damage or interfere with operations, with Senstar fence sensors, buried sensors, above-ground sensors, and intelligent perimeter lighting.


Respond effectively to security and operations events using critical information obtained from sensors and surveillance systems, with Senstar Symphony video management software.


Transform information into business intelligence by collecting data on processes to identify trends and issues, with Senstar’s intelligent video analytics.

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