Security Digest

Flora, Fauna, and FiberPatrol

Senstar products can help protect flora and fauna at nature reserves

Senstar often highlights how its products protect critical assets like utility sites, correctional facilities, and oil and gas infrastructure. However, there are many other applications of our products that don’t get as much attention.

One such example is the use of Senstar’s FiberPatrol fiber optic fence sensor, soon to be installed along the 290 km perimeter of a nature reserve to protect animals and rare plants from poachers.

Home to an array of diverse flora and fauna, the nature reserve features red rock canyons, sprawling desert and valleys carpeted in delicate wildflowers. The reserve’s mission is to restore, protect and conserve the sensitive ecosystem, allowing for its natural inhabitants to have a welcoming sanctuary and reclaim the land.

Installed on the chain-link and welded mesh fences surrounding the reserve, FiberPatrol was chosen for several reasons:

  • The ability to accurately locate intrusions, even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions or in the presence of non-localized environmental noise that would overwhelm the location capability of other long-range fiber optic sensors.
  • The extended coverage distance with no active in-field components. The nature reserve’s large size made it unfeasible for other systems that required extensive power infrastructure along the perimeter.
  • The ability to reduce costs by repurposing unused fibers in the detection cable for networking and communications. The fibers provide network connectivity for solar-powered thermal cameras distributed throughout the reserve, which can use FiberPatrol’s intrusion location data for camera call-up and PTZ control.

While flora and fauna aren’t at the top of the list when talking about the high-risk assets Senstar has been protecting in high security markets for 40 years, it doesn’t mean safeguarding them is any less important.

Senstar is proud that FiberPatrol is helping to secure the nature reserve, a unique and precious resource. By keeping intruders and poachers out, the reserve can be enjoyed by generations to come.