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Senstar is a global technology leader in advanced sensing and information management systems for the protection of infrastructure and facilities. About Senstar

A new era of threat detection has arrived.

The AI-powered Senstar MultiSensor™ eliminates nuisance alarms and provides full situational awareness.


Innovative Solutions

Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of high performance, integrated solutions, including video management, video analytics, access control, and perimeter intrusion detection sensors.

Our markets:


Protect Sites and Avoid Liability

Electrical utility assets are at risk of service interruptions caused by vandalism, theft and targeted attacks. There are also regulatory compliance and liability concerns. Senstar, with its in-depth knowledge of electrical utilities and safety requirements, protects electrical utility sites while meeting operational and regulatory requirements.

Electrical Utilities

Protect Critical Communications Infrastructure

Highly visible, unmanned and deployed in large numbers over long distances, cellular towers are at considerable risk for vandalism, theft and targeted attacks. Senstar, with its broad portfolio of video management software, intrusion detection sensors, access control software, and intelligent video analytics, offers innovative security solutions to assist telecommunication providers in detecting, deterring, and responding to threats.

Communications Utilities

Protect Infrastructure to Keep Water Clean and Safe

The protection of critical sites like water treatment plants, pumping stations, storage tanks, are critical to public health and must be secured against suspicious or unauthorized activity. Senstar, with its broad portfolio of sensors, video management software, access control and intelligent video analytics, offers innovative, flexible solutions to protect water utilities and improve resilience while meeting operational and regulatory requirements. 

Water Utilities

Mitigate Risk with Improved Security and Intelligence

Warehouse, fulfillment and distribution facilities are critical to a company's operations and require around-the-clock protection. Organizations need to reduce external and internal risks to avoid disruptions and maximize productivity while providing insight into operations and business processes. Organizations can remain vigilant, detect abnormalities, and implement corrective actions by combining video surveillance with analytics, security sensors, and data from logistics systems.


Prevent Escapes and Protect Staff

Maintaining a secure perimeter and keeping staff safe are critical requirements for correctional facilities. Senstar has over 40 years of experience working with correctional institutions and offers products uniquely tailored for their challenging and potentially dangerous environments.


Protect Above and Below-Ground Infrastructure

The security of energy infrastructure and assets is essential to a nation's economic and environmental well-being. From initial extraction to end-point deliveries, the production chain relies on safe extraction, refining, and distribution across great distances. Senstar offers effective, practical, and reliable solutions to protect oil and gas assets while meeting operational and regulatory requirements.


Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Senstar's innovative and award-winning products, designed, manufactured and tested in North America, will help you address security and information management challenges. With our comprehensive portfolio, you'll be able to develop multi-layered solutions that protect your people, processes and property.

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Senstar Sensor Fusion Engine

This video demonstrates how the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion engine can improve intrusion detection capacities and defeat nuisance alarms. It includes surveillance footage of different security scenarios that show the direct, real-world benefits.


Protect and Track

Factories, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers require around-the-clock protection. By combining video surveillance with analytics, security sensors, and data from manufacturing or logistics systems, organizations can see what is going on, detect abnormalities, and implement corrective actions.


Unify Security and Operations

Central to our vision of consolidating security and operations is the Senstar Symphony video, security and information management platform. Senstar Symphony incorporates the latest in video analytics and artificial intelligence to provide true organization-level knowledge for better risk mitigation and business decisions.


Detect and Locate Intruders

FlexZone, Senstar’s fence-mounted guided RF sensor, detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through a perimeter fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.


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Sensor Fusion: The Next Generation of Perimeter Security

Today’s perimeter security technologies have been pushed to their practical performance limits yet can still generate occasional nuisance or false alarms under specific circumstances. This affects system performance and costs companies money. It’s one reason why the industry is ready for the next evolutionary step in perimeter security: sensor fusion.

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