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Why A Broad Security Portfolio Matters

Why A Broad Security Portfolio Matters

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

A wise saying, and one that can be applied to virtually any discipline, knowledge realm, or industry. For the physical security industry, it cautions against over-reliance on any one specific technology, and encourages security professionals to take a holistic approach, one that looks at best practices and real-world performance, all while remaining open to new innovations and ideas. 

Large Product Portfolio = More Options for Better Solutions

System integrators and security professionals understand that different sites have differing security and operational requirements. Starting at the perimeter, Senstar offers a range of cable, fiber optic, microwave, accelerometer, and video analytic-based intrusion detection systems suitable for protecting sites of all sizes. FlexZone, our fence-mounted, ranging cable-based sensor, is a highly cost-effective solution for shorter perimeters. If perimeter lighting is a concern, the Senstar LM100 offers both detection and deterrence capabilities in a single system. For longer perimeters, or ones where avoiding in-field equipment and infrastructure is a requirement, the fiber optic FiberPatrol sensor is ideal. Gates can be monitored with the Wireless Gate Sensor or our microwave solutions. 

Adding intelligence to perimeter fencing is only one solution. Many sites, especially those open to the public or where visual aesthetics are a priority, require different solutions. Senstar can offer OmniTrax, a covert buried volumetric sensor, as well as leveraging existing surveillance infrastructure by deploying outdoor-optimized people and vehicle tracking video analytics. To protect the buildings themselves, Senstar offers access control systems with industry-standard readers and controllers. 

Detection is just one part of security, of course. For video surveillance, Senstar offers the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, which includes an enterprise-grade video surveillance module and built-in video analytics.  

Having one vendor offer this broad range of solutions simplifies the task of security professionals when examining different options and quickly finding the ideal solution for their customers – one that balances functionality and budgetary concerns as well as deployment and operational requirements.  

Large Product Portfolio = More Options for Better Solutions

Open Interfaces, Certified Integrations 

To maximize the benefits of its broad portfolio, Senstar ensures its products support a wide range of integration options, avoiding integration hassles and vendor lock-in.  

Our sensors share a common communications interface with an open, freely available SDK. We also offer certified, fully supported integrations with leading third-party video and security management systems. Fall-back connectivity via on-board relay outputs or ASCII over TCP/IP are other options.  

Unlike many network video solutions, Senstar supports an open ecosystem for video surveillance and is an active member of ONVIF. With support for ONVIF-compatible cameras, Senstar Symphony lets customers choose whichever cameras they prefer, and supports any of their embedded analytics via ONVIF alerts. The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform itself supports a RESTful API and includes an ONVIF server, enabling it to stream video and alerts to other systems. 

Open Interfaces, Certified Integrations


Better Security Through Innovation 

Since its start over 40 years ago, Senstar has continued its path of innovation, bringing to market new physical security products and solutions. Rather than focusing on one technology and trying to make it work for a diverse set of applications, Senstar develops solutions that address specific security problems, and became pioneers in buried volumetric sensors, wireless gate sensors, intelligent lighting, video analytics, and sensor fusion. 

Effective physical security solutions require more than just shiny new technologies, however. New technologies may appear impressive in a demonstration or showroom, but will they work in the field, consistently meet performance requirements, be reliable across all weather conditions, including high winds, snow, fog, and extreme heat and cold, and be maintainable and supported throughout their deployment lifecycle? 

Senstar continues to evaluate, design, and test new technologies and their suitability for use in physical security. We own the world’s largest privately-owned sensor technology test site and test our products in extreme environmental conditions. We also provide a comprehensive range of technical support services. With Senstar, rest assured that any solution we provide is field-tested, integrated, and designed to work for years to come.