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Network Manager Interface Software Development Kit (SDK)

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Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors are designed for easy integration with a wide variety of security systems, ranging from simple alarm panels to full-featured video management systems (VMS) and security management systems (SMS/PSIM).

For VMS, SMS and PSIM software-based integrations, Senstar provides a comprehensive, field-proven Application Programming Interface (API) along with a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is available free of charge to developers and includes comprehensive documentation, sample code, and simulation software.

Benefits of API-based Integration

The API provided by Senstar’s Network Manager software provides the alarm display head-end or security management system with access to a wealth of sensor data, including:

For system integrators, an API-based integration enables the deployment of systems with improved situational awareness capabilities. In addition to receiving alarms, the security management software can obtain the current state of a sensor or I/O point as well as detailed alarm information.

How to Get Started

To get a free copy of the SDK and learn more about integrating Senstar products, contact us.

What Integrations Already Exist?

To see if an integration already exists for your security system, visit our Technology Partners page.