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Benefits of Upgrading To Symphony 7

Man in control room with dozens of monitors showing feeds from different cameras, highlighting Senstar Symphony video management capabilities

Having managed mission-critical video surveillance networks around the world, Symphony has proven its value. However, as IT software enters obsolescence and cybersecurity becomes an increasing concern, it’s time to upgrade. Symphony 7 offers compelling reasons to upgrade and Senstar (formerly Aimetis) can help ensure the process remains smooth and cost-effective.


Symphony 6 is no longer supported. In addition, Microsoft is ending all support for Windows 7 in January 2020.

Obsolescent systems are vulnerable to malware, viruses, and cyberattacks. Upgrading to Symphony 7, along with a newer, actively maintained operating system provides organizations with the security, confidence, and technical backing required for video surveillance applications.

Use the latest cameras

Symphony 7 works with cameras from all major manufacturers and supports the latest industry standards, including ONVIF Profiles S and G. This means your organization can upgrade to manufacturer-supported cameras, including (but not limited to) current models from ACTi, Axis, Bosch, Canon, Dahua, Eneo, FLIR, Hanwha, Hikvision, Honeywell, Pelco, Sony, and Vivotek.

New integration opportunities

Symphony 7 enables organizations to streamline operations by integrating video with other security functions, including perimeter intrusion detection, alarm panels, and access control from Advantech, Axis, Bosch, Gallagher, Johnson Controls, S2 Security, Siemens, and Senstar.

The new Symphony client includes a new Alarm Console window that summarizes alarms from these integrated systems and links them to specific cameras and maps.

Cybersecurity features

To keep your data and systems safe, Symphony 7 is designed and maintained with cybersecurity in mind:

  • Runs on supported, regularly patched Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 10, Microsoft Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019
  • Penetration testing performed by third-party(results available upon request)
  • Inter-component communications encrypted to industry standards (TLS 1.2 in Symphony 7.3)
  • Certified by DGUV UVV insurance funds (Germany) and the Center for the Protection of National
  • Infrastructure (CPNI) (UK)

Privacy features

Symphony 7 includes new privacy features that assist organizations in meeting current and future privacy regulations:

  • Dynamic and static video scrambling
  • Granular permissions for user management, roles and scheduling
  • Security profiles
  • User activity logging
  • Password-protected video export
  • Per-camera data retention rules

Increase operator productivity

The Windows client offers a wealth of features designed to optimize operator productivity:

  • On-screen controls, visual tracking links and event summaries
  • Improved alarm handing, including a new Alarm Console with map and multi-camera linking
  • Intuitive video wall controls
  • GIS map support
  • Secure cloud-based video export to assist with incident investigation
  • Highly granular user permissions and roles to meet increasingly stringent regulatory, privacy and security requirements

Simplified licensing

The licensing system in Symphony 7 is simpler and more flexible, enabling organizations to fully utilize their licenses and make future expansion easier:

  • Per-camera/decoder software licenses (e.g. 1 license per camera IP address)
  • Separate licenses used for video management and video analytic software
  • Moveable video analytic licenses (can be reassigned to other cameras)
  • Only pay for what you use (purchase additional licenses in the future as required)

Keep existing cameras and video

Symphony 7 will work with your existing cameras while the upgrade process is designed to keep your existing video footage along with its metadata. All previously recorded video will remain playable.

Contact us

If you are running Symphony 6, contact Senstar for information on how your organization can benefit from Symphony 7 as well as to discuss upgrade options.

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