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Written by Senstar’s industry experts, the posts cover a range a subjects related to perimeter intrusion detection, video management and analytics, personal duress, and cyber security.

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March 2019

Preventing theft with intelligent lighting and intrusion detection

Using wireless communications in security applications

February 2019

What is “environmental disaggregation” and why should you care?

Installing intelligent security lighting on palisade fences

January 2019

Integrating Senstar sensors with Milestone XProtect 

Benefits of multi-streaming

December 2018

Happy Holidays!

Senstar’s perspective on security trends

Using Thin Client with third-party VMS

Limiting light pollution from physical security applications

November 2018

Senstar resources for helping to protect electrical utility sites

Take the Senstar VMS Challenge

Adding viewing stations to the Symphony VMS 

Keep staff safe in high threat environments

October 2018

The IoT Zombie Survival Guide

Display video from ONVIF-compliant network cameras without a PC

Face Recognition analytic helping Cosmo Music identify the bad guys

Get to know Senstar’s Thin Client

Protecting unmanned, remote sites

September 2018

Patented technology puts Senstar at the forefront of pipeline leak detection

Senstar Symphony VMS – What customers are saying

Features that set Senstar Symphony VMS apart

Senstar Care: Minimize downtime, reduce expenses and ensure optimal performance

August 2018

Senstar support helps protect your security system investment

NERC CIP-014 compliance: Solutions for physical security

They’re doing WHAT? Senstar perimeter security and VMS products are being used in many unique situations

Senstar Face Recognition – Every face tells a story

July 2018

Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection products are helping to secure marijuana production facilities across Canada

30 years and still going strong – Senstar’s buried intrusion detection system has been protecting Phoenix House since 1989

Equipping IP cameras with superpowers – Senstar developer wins ONVIF Open Source Spotlight Challenge

How well does the Senstar LM100 perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system illuminate a fence line?

Senstar Symphony™ VMS – safeguarding children,youth and educators

June 2018

FiberPatrol®fence-mounted intrusion detection system keeps getting better!

Broad product portfolio offers security solutions for distinct site requirements

Senstar Thin Client: No-hassle live video display appliance (video) 
Meet Joe. Meet Dave. Meet Thin Client.

Security lighting: A picture is worth a thousand words

May 2018

All about SITE
The world’s largest privately held outdoor perimeter intrusion detection test facility

Physical security and the Internet of Things
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Is your VMS ready for GDPR?

Using analytics with your VMS can save you money (infographic)

6 steps to affordable perimeter security
Detect intruders before they get inside

April 2018

Nuisance alarm rate, Smuisance alarm rate.
Not even “windpocalypse” can rattle Senstar security products 

Wrong way detection video analytic for airport security

5 factors to consider when selecting a VMS 

Multiple Senstar systems installed to protect major US airport
Multi-layer intrusion detection solution creates one of Senstar’s largest ever single-facility projects

March 2018

The rise of video analytics
Mainstream adoption FINALLY happening  

Prevent North America from going dark
Perimeter security options for electrical substations

Senstar Symphony™ VMS protecting drivers, spectators, and the track at the Shanghai International Circuit (video)

Using face recognition as part of a two-factor authentication mechanism in access control systems 

February 2018

Video analytic alarm zones vs virtual fences: Which is best?

Collaboration is key to implementing successful large perimeter security projects
(Major international oil company)

3 video analytics airports use to keep passengers safe (infographic) 

Increasing camera density per server by using more efficient HD video analytics

January 2018

Kingsland Data Center chooses the Senstar Symphony™ VMS to protect client data 

Top 4 security lighting technologies

Top 4 lighting factors affecting perimeter security 

6 steps to affordable perimeter security and lighting

Improving physical security while saving money
Senstar LM100 Total Cost of Ownership


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