Microwave intrusion detection system

UltraWave is a fully digital bi-static microwave sensor that creates an invisible field of energy between a transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx). When an intruder enters the field, an alarm is generated.

Features and benefits

  • Zone lengths from 5 to 200 m (16 to 656 ft)
  • Transmitters and receivers can be stacked for increased detection zone height
  • All-digital processing
    • Discriminates intrusions (walking, running, crawling) from environment effects
    • Stable operation over temperature and equipment aging
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) automatically adjusts to varying path loss due to Tx-Rx separation
  • 10 selectable frequency channels enable multiple units to operate in close proximity
  • Transmitter modulation used for Tx-Rx communications – Tx-Rx communications link provides full transmitter supervision and health status with no data wiring

How it works

The transmitter creates an invisible pattern of microwave energy aimed towards the receiver. DSP algorithms distinguish background environmental effects from the unique signatures of intruders walking, running, or crawling.

The receiver communicates alarm status to the site’s security system and alarms are communicated through relay outputs or over a network. Field wiring is minimized as the Tx-Rx pair communicate with each other via modulation of microwave signals.


Video Library


  • Ultrawave A&E Specs – DOC
  • UltraWave A&E Specs – PDF
  • UltraWave Datasheet
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