Automatic License Plate Recognition

Seamless license plate recognition

The Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video analytic automatically tracks, records, and reports vehicle license plates. With functionality for both analog and IP cameras, ALRP can seamlessly integrate into virtually any video surveillance network.

Features and benefits

  • License plate recognition for over 100 countries and regions around the world are supported
  • Countless alarm scenarios available
  • Easy browser and search functionality allows for straightforward trend analysis
  • Plate detection across multiple lanes of traffic for moving and stationary traffic
  • Interface to external I/O devices


Enhance parking enforcement and toll collection

Track and log license plate numbers for automatic vehicle access control as a key tool for parking enforcement. Plate numbers and images can also be stored for future toll collection without the need for a round-the-clock parking attendant. Ideal for property management.

Heighten property and border safety

Automatically detect and index license plates and compare them to white (allowed) and black (blocked) lists for immediate front line protection against unwanted vehicles. Ideal for border crossings and security check points.

Improve customer service

Take customer service to the next level by leveraging customer license plate information. Identify customers as they enter the property and alert the customer service team with the necessary information such as the customer’s name, reason for the appointment, and appointment history, all before speaking to the customer. Ideal for car dealerships and automotive repair shops.


  • Video Analytics Brochure – Automatic License Plate Recognition
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