Symphony AC Integrations

AC FeaturesCurrent VersionFuture VersionsComments
Access Levels**Hardware and software support
Active Directory**Software support with direct driver with DIU with LDAP protocol
Anti-Passback**Hardware and software support
Attendance Reporting**Software support
Audit Reporting**Software support
Badge Designer**Software support with Badge Designer
Batch Imports**Software support with DIU
ELK M1 Alarm Panel**Hardware support
Event Manager**Software support
First-Man-In/Last-Man-Out**Software support with Triggers
Guard Tour*Software support planned
HID Aero Controllers**Hardware support
HID VertX Sub-Controllers*Hardware (HID Aero X1100) and software support
Lockdown**Hardware and software support
Occupancy Control**Hardware and software support
OSDP/Wiegand support**Hardware and software support
OSDP Multi-Drop Support*Hardware and software support
Personnel Manager**Software support
Schedules/Holidays**Hardware and software support
Symphony COP Integration*Software support
Visitor Management Software**Software support for Visitor Management software with DIU