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Integrating Access Control Events with Video and On-Site Devices

Door activity is the most common of all security events, and electronic access control (EAC) systems are widespread. Linking access control events to video and on-site devices like lighting and intercoms is key to getting the most out of your site’s security investment. The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform unifies video management, access control, and security management under a common interface to streamline processes and reduce operator training.

In this digest post, we demonstrate how Senstar Symphony simplifies common access control events while ensuring a high level of security and the proper generation of building activity log metadata.

The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform includes a rules engine that processes and combines events from any supported device, including readers, controllers, perimeter sensors, and third-party I/O. Events from these devices can be used to trigger programmable actions, including alarms and notifications, adjustment of lighting controls, intercoms, and automated camera callup. For example, a card swipe event at an external entrance could be used to turn on additional lighting. The event would also generate the searchable metadata needed to link surveillance footage to card holder data.

The following diagram shows how Senstar Symphony can use common access control (and video analytic events) to trigger specific actions.

Access control solutions matrix

In addition to automating authorized access control activities, Senstar Symphony simplifies the process for handling non-authorized ones, for example, an expired or deactivated swipe card. With its map display and on-screen controls, operators are notified of the event, can immediately assess the situation via automated camera-callup display, engage two-way intercom systems, and take the necessary action (for example, temporarily unlock the door or dispatch security) – all from a single, intuitive interface.

Linking Access Control Events to Video

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For more information on Senstar Symphony access control module, visit its product page or contact your local Senstar representative.