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Senstar Introduces Flare™ Personal Protection Device Compact

Split image of Flare Real-Time Locating System belt worn personal protection device and personal protection pendant

Ottawa, ON, Canada–November 5, 2018–Senstar is pleased to announce a new, more compact version of its Flare Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) personal protection device (PPD), the PPD Compact.

The Flare RTLS keeps staff working in high-threat environments safe by instantly identifying and locating personal duress alarms at the touch of a button. The original PPD is a robust, utility belt-holster device specifically designed for frontline correctional workers. The new PPD Compact provides a smaller, sleeker option for support and administrative staff in institutional environments.

“The PPD Compact was developed to address customer requirements to have a smaller device that could be worn in a variety of ways, including on a lanyard, and still determine the user’s location,” said Product Manager Todd Brisebois. “The new PPD Compact can be worn by non-uniformed staff that may not be wearing a utility belt, as well as by visitors.”

In the event of danger, the user activates the PPD which emits an RF signal that is detected by a network of sensor units concealed throughout the facility. Flare immediately locates duress alarms and displays the location, status, and identity of the PPD on a map-based display in the control room. Flare operates in protected frequency bands that use dedicated spectrum, avoiding the potential for interference. Designed for reliability in institutional and industrial environments, Flare uses patented, proven, cost-effective technology to help keep staff safe.

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Senstar has been safeguarding people, places and property with the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors for over 35 years. Now combined with world-class video management systems and analytics (formerly Aimetis), Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that work together to reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support.

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