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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

Cloud-based video surveillance is a disruptive, game-changing technology in the physical security industry. Scalable, virtually unlimited storage without increased in-house IT costs has clear operational benefits and greatly simplifies backups and disaster recovery as data is inherently stored off-site. 

But while cloud-based video surveillance has many benefits, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution: 

  • A high-speed, reliable network connection is required, one that can handle the substantial bandwidth generated by the surveillance cameras. When personal safety, security, and mission-critical processes and operations are on the line, a loss of video surveillance storage services due to slow or lost Internet connections is not acceptable. 
  • In addition to physical storage costs, potentially steep ingress/egress fees for uploading and downloading must be considered. 
  • Care must be taken when selecting a cloud provider to ensure applicable cybersecurity, data, and privacy requirements are met. 

Hybrid Cloud Storage – The Best of Both Worlds 

That’s why hybrid approaches, ones that essentially offer the best of both cloud and on-premises approaches, are becoming highly popular. The main benefits of a hybrid video storage solution include: 

  • Combining the convenience of cloud storage with on-premises storage performance and reliability 
  • Reducing costs by minimizing on-site equipment and associated maintenance 
  • Simplified disaster recovery procedures (automated off-site storage) 

A hybrid approach can, however, introduce additional complexity and costs if not well planned. That’s why it’s important to work with system integrators and vendors that understand your requirements and can offer high-performing, reliable, and sustainable solutions. 

Hybrid Cloud Video Storage for Senstar Symphony 

To offer our customers a best-in-class hybrid cloud storage solution for video surveillance, Senstar has partnered with Wasabi, a high-performance cloud storage service. Wasabi has disrupted the cloud storage industry by offering scalable, unlimited storage with low-cost, predictable rates and no ingress/egress or API fees. For video surveillance applications, Wasabi is ideal in that its storage buckets offer the highest levels of security, data immutability and selectable geographical locations, ensuring cybersecurity, privacy, and legal regulations are met. 

Our hybrid video storage solution for the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform is completely transparent to the end-user. Less frequently accessed video is automatically moved to the cloud and retrieved when required. Configuring options include storage folders (enabling per-camera options), retention periods, and backup options. Fully certified and supported, Senstar’s Wasabi-based solution meets the performance, reliability and cost requirements needed for your facilities. 

For information on how your organization can benefit from the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with hybrid cloud video storage solution, contact your regional Senstar representative or download a PDF copy of our technical brief.