Senstar e-Seminar Series

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Die Senstar e-Seminar Series besteht aus Online-Sitzungen unserer Sicherheitsexperten mit einer Reihe von Bildungsthemen im Zusammenhang mit Videomanagement, Videoanalyse und Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

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Vergangene Seminare

Senstar Safe Spaces on the Senstar Edge Platform

An overview and demonstration of Senstar Safe Spaces™ on the Senstar Edge Platform, a simple compact appliance pre-loaded with Face Mask, Physical Distance, Occupancy and Hand Sanitization Monitoring video analytics.

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Physical Security Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Learn how Senstar products can be applied to protect the full range of upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities.

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Intelligent Security Lighting: The Smarter Way to Light Your Perimeter

Learn what ‘intelligent lighting’ really means and how it can play a key role in improving overall perimeter security.

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Integrating Senstar Sensors to Genetec Security Center

Learn about the deep integration between Senstar sensors and Genetec’s Security Center in this live demo.

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Virtual Tour of Sensor Integrated Test Environment (S.I.T.E.)

Join us for a guided tour of the world’s largest privately held perimeter intrusion detection test facility. The tour will demonstrate how real-world intrusions can be detected by a variety of sensors and outdoor video analytics, as well as how sensor data and live video can be integrated together to provide operators with true situational awareness.

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Security at Night on S.I.T.E.

Security systems need to work round the clock. Using the Sensor Integrated Test Environment (S.I.T.E.), see a demonstration of how Senstar products can work together at night to help keep your facility secure, by providing multiple levels of deterrence and detection.

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