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Fortune 500 International Beverage Company

Broad product portfolio offers security solutions for distinct site requirements

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Senstar’s broad perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) portfolio had solutions that fit the diverse security requirements of an international beverage company.

When it comes to security for large sites, there are many factors that go into designing the ideal solution: security concerns, regional risks, weather, and topography must be taken into account. One must also consider the role of each device (e.g. deter, detect or both) as well as how the individual devices can be integrated together to form a comprehensive system.

For a rapidly growing Fortune 500 international beverage company, there was not a one size fits all perimeter security solution for two of its most recent construction projects. Working with Senstar, who designs, manufactures, and supports the world’s largest portfolio of PIDS, the beverage company was able to find ideal solutions that addressed the different perimeter security requirements of the two distinctly different sites.

Site 1: Expanded Brewery Site

Mikel Woods, Sr. Security Systems Designer for the architecture and engineering firm Benham, a Haskell Company, was tasked with designing a security system upgrade as part of the expansion of an 825-acre brewery. This included intrusion detection along a 5,000 ft (approximately 1 mi) chain link fence to enclose a new packaging facility.

Having already researched the various choices of technology and phenomonologies, he immediately thought of Senstar’s FiberPatrol fiber optic intrusion detection system. Several years of past PIDS experience prompted Woods to choose FiberPatrol’s excellent detection capabilities and low nuisance alarm rate (NAR) over comparable competitive products.

Fence-mounted PIDS are susceptible to nuisance alarms caused by things like high winds, precipitation and animal interference. A high NAR can be incredibly frustrating for property owners, and nuisance alarms can become a real danger if they cause security personnel to become complacent and assume real alarms are false.

Senstar’s environmental discrimination technology enables its products to differentiate between point disturbances caused by real intrusions and spatially distributed environmental disturbances like wind and rain. This proprietary technology keeps NAR low and security personnel on alert.

“If you’re going to put something on the perimeter that inadvertently false alarms all the time, guards start ignoring it,” Woods said. “This can have serious implications for a site’s security.”

Installed in 2017, FiberPatrol has been working well at the site. Pete Moore, the beverage company’s vice president of security, says its detection capabilities, as well as its ability to integrate with the site’s camera system, have provided peace of mind.

“We get an occasional alarm as a result of animals on the fence, but with an integrated camera system that responds to alarms and turns towards them, we get a pretty clear idea of what is happening when an alarm goes off,” he said.

EON Solution, the company who installed the FiberPatrol system at the facility, is also complimentary of the product. “Many fence-mounted sensors are complicated to install, but FiberPatrol is very straightforward,” said EON Solution System Application Engineer Jorge Motta. “To date there have been no issues and everything is working as promised.”

Site 2: New Brewery Site

With the success of FiberPatrol at the expanded site, Senstar was at the top of Woods’ list to protect the 28,000-foot chain link perimeter for a brand new $1.5 billion brewery to be built over the next several years. The new site required not only an intrusion detection system, but also an obvious way to deter intruders from trying to breach the fence line.

Senstar’s new hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system, the Senstar LM100, combines two key security functions – deterrence (lighting) and detection (vibration-sensing) – in one cutting-edge product. The Senstar LM100 illuminates intruders at the fence line and alerts the site’s security management system of any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breakthrough the fence fabric.

“It was a no brainer,” Woods said, when speaking of product selection. “Giving the customer a state-of-the-art intrusion detection and intelligent lighting solution coupled with layers of video analytics and surveillance
cameras provided the desired level of perimeter security for the site.”

Moore felt the LM100 was a good fit for the site’s security needs. Outside of its basic capabilities, he liked the fact that the product is visually intimidating – the luminaires mounted in a row along the fence line make the perimeter look fortified – and provides a visual alert – the instantaneous illumination of an intrusion attempt allows security teams to immediately know where the intrusion is based on which light strobes or illuminates at full strength.

With construction just underway, the Senstar LM100 is not yet installed, however Contreras stated that his team is ready. “Senstar has been very hands on with us in terms of educating us about the product, walking us through installation and just preparing us in general.”

Comprehensive Integration

Senstar products play a key role in the multi-million-dollar security systems that protect both sites, which integrate perimeter intrusion detection, access control, cyber security, and video surveillance. Other Senstar products integrated into the systems include wireless gate sensors, the StarNet 2 Security Management System, and the Tungsten cyber security appliance (protects cameras and security systems from cyber-attacks).

Senstar’s broad portfolio of security products enabled Woods to address the different security requirements at the beverage company’s sites. At the same time, using multiple products from one vendor helped to reduce integration difficulties and lower training costs. With Senstar’s extensive experience and service excellence, the customer will directly benefit from the A&Es existing product knowledge and Senstar’s hands-on customer support during all stages of the projects.

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Customer Profile: Fortune 500 international beverage company requiring comprehensive security solutions for the expansion of an 825-acre brewing site and the construction of a new $1.5 billion site.

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