Senstar Thin Client – Versatile video display for security and business operations

The Senstar Thin Client is a no-hassle network video display appliance. Compact and easy to install, the Thin Client can be used as a standalone unit in a wide range of video surveillance and CCTV applications.


Closely monitor manufacturing processes from a safe distance. The Thin Client’s compact, fanless design is ideal for displaying video in space-constrained factory environments.


Provide live video feeds of specific cameras to third-party security contractors without granting direct server access.

Guard stations

Enable security guards to monitor on-premise cameras without needing to install or maintain additional PCs.

Transit systems

Select and monitor cameras installed on buses, trains, and boats via a touchscreen display.

Retail display

Show customers (and potential thieves) they are actively being monitored. The Thin Client can be attached directly to the back of a ceiling-mounted monitor.

Nursing rooms

Nurses can remotely check up on a patient. Display of the video feeds can be controlled via trigger events that respect patient privacy rules and hospital procedures.

Supervisor display

Monitor frontline operations from a back office without having to install and manage additional PCs or train staff.

Keeping an eye on things in your business is important. If you need a low-cost, simple way to display network video, Senstar Thin Client is the right fit. For more information, see here.

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