Security Digest

Integrating Perimeter Security With Senstar Symphony VMS

Two monitors with Senstar symphony showing video feeds of perimeter security screens made possible by Network Manager integration

Integrating video surveillance with perimeter intrusion detection sensors, access control, and other security devices into a single, cohesive management system is critical for situational awareness and fast response times. The Senstar Symphony video management software (VMS) can display security data alongside linked video streams from multiple cameras, providing operators with the critical information they need for accurate assessment and effective response.

The status of perimeter sensors (as well as third-party devices) is monitored by Senstar’s Network Manager software. Symphony communicates with Network Manager via its API and has full access to sensor status and events, including perimeter alarms, supervision and tamper alarms, and diagnostic status. With support for bi-directional communications, Symphony can monitor and control the state of the individual sensor I/O ports, enabling it to integrate to a wide range of third-party security devices and systems.

Diagram showing integration of Network Manager and Senstar Symphony

Key benefits of integrating Senstar perimeter sensors with the Symphony VMS include:

  • Display perimeter zone alarms alongside video analytic and access control events from within the Symphony operator client
  • Acknowledge, annotate and clear sensor alarms
  • Invoke rules and alarm logic engine data to perform multi-step actions, including:
    • Control camera display and recording settings
    • Link alarms to multiple cameras and display event-specific instructions
    • Trigger output relays on security devices and supported cameras
    • Trigger communication actions, including email, FTP, SMS and TCP/IP events

For more information on integrating Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors with the Symphony VMS, read our integration app note.