Security Digest

Canadian Government Site Relies on FiberPatrol® FP1150 Fence and Buried Applications to Protect Mission Critical Campus

There’s nothing that shows more confidence in a product than when a customer upgrades instead of looking at the competition.

This was the case with Senstar’s FiberPatrol fiber optic intrusion detection system and a Canadian government research site. One of Senstar’s first FiberPatrol clients, this customer recently replaced its original 10-year-old fence and buried systems with the newer version FiberPatrol FP1150. The reliability and consistent performance of the previous system made staying with Senstar an obvious choice.

FiberPatrol FP1150 is now installed in a dual-ring configuration around the 3 km perimeter fence, with the outer ring of protection installed on the perimeter fence and then an inner ring of buried detection, for 6 km of total coverage. This multi-layered approach to perimeter security provides robust security for this mission critical campus.

With supported distances for up to 80 km (49.7 m), FiberPatrol FP1150 builds on Senstar’s 40+ years of perimeter intrusion detection experience to detect, locate and report both common and sophisticated intrusion attempts almost instantly.

To ensure proper maintenance and support during of the life cycle of the FiberPatrol FP1150, the client is also taking advantage of Senstar Care – a comprehensive, multi-level support program encompassing a suite of service options that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Senstar Care provides peace of mind to customers by minimizing downtime, reducing expenses, and ensuring optimal performance Senstar products.

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