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Addressing Common Frustrations With Access Control Systems

Symphony Access Control software - stock image of a hand holding an access card in front of an access keypad on a door

Senstar’s Symphony Access Control (AC) software resolves frustrations common to access control systems – proprietary hardware, separate interfaces for access control and video, and the inherent support issues encountered by dealing with multi-vendor integrations.

Open Platform, No Vendor Lock-in

  • Use multiple hardware suppliers with one system (includes support for legacy system expansion)
  • Can use the existing hardware from any HID-based system
  • Support for access control hardware, intrusion alarm controllers, HVAC/fire, elevator control, biometric devices from major vendors

Unified Access Control and Video

  • Install Symphony AC and VMS on the same computer
  • Use access control events to trigger alarms, notify users, and display live video from specific cameras
  • Search for alarms and review historical video associated with an access control event
  • Link alarms to multiple cameras, a graphical map, and on-screen instructions

Better Support with Greater Accountability

  • Easy purchase and licensing
  • One place for training and certification
  • One source for support and service agreements

Symphony AC is an example of Senstar’s continued commitment to developing products to meet the evolving security needs of our customers.

See our infographic.