Using covert fiber optic technology to protect borders

Securing a border that traverses sparsely populated areas poses substantial law enforcement, budgetary, and deployment challenges.

To maximize the effectiveness of limited resources, border patrol organizations need technological solutions that reliably detect and locate the presence of people, vehicles and tunneling over extended distances that may include varied terrain and a range of urban, rural and wilderness areas.

To be economically viable (including capital and operational costs), any technological solution for border protection must:

  • Require minimal in-field infrastructure (systems may need to cover distances ranging from tens to hundreds of miles)
  • Be tamper and vandalism resistant
  • Require no regular maintenance of in-field components
  • Operate in extreme weather conditions (e.g. heat, cold, lightning)
  • Have a service life of 25+ years

Senstar’s FiberPatrol fiber optic sensor for buried applications is the ideal solution for protecting long borders. Download our FiberPatrol for Borders brochure to learn more.

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