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Senstar Symphony VMS Supports GDPR Compliance

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Ottawa, ON, Canada–May 28, 2018–With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) now in effect, Senstar is pleased to confirm its Symphony video management software (VMS) provides a set of privacy-related features that support organizations with GDPR compliance while maintaining situational awareness and operator efficiency.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply to all European Union members as well as all foreign companies that process EU resident data. GDPR harmonizes the regulatory environment regarding data privacy and provides EU residents with the right to learn how their personal data is used as well as the right to view their personal data. Video surveillance operators are directly affected by these regulations as recorded video of identifiable people is considered personal data.

“Senstar takes data privacy very seriously,” said Senstar’s VP of Product Management Justin Schorn. “Our Symphony VMS was designed from the outset with data privacy and security in mind. Fine-tuned user permissions, along with intelligent people and vehicle masking, assists Symphony operators to meet data privacy regulations.”

Specific Symphony features that help video surveillance operators meet GDPR include encrypted data transfer, static and dynamic video scrambling, two-person rule, granular user management, Microsoft Active Directory support, scheduled access control, security profiles, logging of user actions, and secure video recording and data export.

Symphony also holds certifications from DGUV UVV insurance funds and the Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), and is currently in the process of obtaining the data protection seal of EuroPriSe certification. As well, banks and credit institutions around the world trust the security of Symphony.

Senstar Symphony™ is a software platform that allows for control of an entire video surveillance system from one central location. Connect and configure cameras, monitor open spaces, implement video analytics, or use centralized cloud management tools for multi-site management.

*Disclaimer: Senstar Symphony™ assists “Data Controllers” and “Data Processors” to meet GDPR regulation, however it does not make video surveillance GDPR compliant. It is recommended that legal advice is sought to ensure full compliance.

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Senstar simplifies the management of network video for security surveillance by combining an industry leading video management system – Senstar Symphony – with integrated analytics and centralized management in the cloud. Coupled with the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that work together to reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support.

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