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Senstar Announces First Major Sale Of Senstar LM100™ Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection And Intelligent Lighting System

Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system illuminating a fence line at night

Ottawa, ON, Canada–June 14, 2018–Senstar is pleased to announce the first major sale of its Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system. Over 1,300 LM100 luminaires will protect the 28,000 ft (5.3 mi) perimeter of a $1.5 billion brewery being constructed by a Fortune 500 international beverage company.

“The Senstar LM100 is the first perimeter intrusion detection product of its kind to combine two key security features in one cutting-edge product – deterrence (lighting) and detection (vibration-sensing) – illuminating intruders at the fence line and alerting the site’s security management system of any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breakthrough the fence fabric,” said Senstar Product Manager Todd Brisebois. “We are honored the beverage company has chosen the Senstar LM100 to safeguard its people and property and are confident the system will provide the desired level of security for the site.”

This project, in which the Senstar LM100 will be coupled with layers of video analytics and surveillance cameras, will be the second partnership between Senstar; the beverage company; A&E firm Benham, A Haskell Company; and installer EON Solution SA de CV. The group previously worked together on the expansion of a brewery site where Senstar’s FiberPatrol fence-mounted fiber optic intrusion detection system was installed to protect a 5,000 ft (0.95 mi) section of new perimeter fence.

“There was not a one-size fits all for the beverage company’s two most recent construction projects,” said Senstar’s Executive Director of Business Development Nancy Marshall. “But with Senstar’s broad portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection products, we were able to offer solutions that met the different requirements of the distinct sites.”

Launched in Fall 2017, the Senstar LM100 provides fence vibration detection as well as configurable, localized, uniform lighting allowing cameras to operate with a higher dynamic range, ensuring objects and people are illuminated while avoiding the generation of dark silhouettes in front of bright backgrounds. Combining sensing and lighting technologies allows the lighting to be controlled by its sensing which further increases its deterrence capability. With the LM100’s low voltage design, installation costs are kept low as expensive electrical infrastructure or expensive labor are not required, and the need for additional permits, which could be time consuming and costly, is eliminated.

The Senstar LM100 is easy to install and maintain, environmentally-friendly, and suitable for sites of all sizes as a standalone or complimentary perimeter security system, seamlessly integrating with video management and analytics systems, PSIM and security management systems. Senstar has sold several LM100 systems to small sites including VIP residences, electrical substations, marinas and marijuana production facilities.

Read a case study about the beverage company project.

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Senstar has been safeguarding people, places and property with the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors for over 35 years. Now combined with world-class video management systems and analytics (formerly Aimetis), Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that work together to reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support.

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