Ranging fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor

FlexZone is Senstar’s latest generation ranging fence-mounted sensor. FlexZone detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.

FlexZone can detect and locate perimeter intrusions over a distance of up to 600 m (1,968 ft) per sensor processor, and within 3 m (10 ft) of accuracy. One processor can support up to 60 distinct, customizable zones. Both power and data can run over the sensor cables, minimizing infrastructure requirements. Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) enables FlexZone to adapt to a wide variety of fence types. FlexZone builds upon Senstar’s 35 plus years of perimeter security experience to deliver a sensor that is simple to install, provides networking capability for remote configuration and alarm reporting, and works reliably in the most harsh environments.


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How it works

Using signals generated by the minute flexing of its sensor cable, FlexZone detects and locates intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric. High-speed sampling ensures that the FlexZone processor captures a precise picture of the fence signal and enables advanced algorithms to discriminate between intrusion signals and environmental noise. This maximizes the probability of detection while virtually eliminating nuisance alarms caused by environmental effects such as wind or rain.



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