Senstar e-Seminar Series

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The Senstar e-Seminar Series consists of online sessions presented by our security experts featuring a range of educational topics related to video management, video analytics, and perimeter intrusion detection.

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Past Sessions

Aspectos generales en sistema Senstar LM100 (Espagnol)

Detección híbrida de intrusiones perimetrales y sistema de iluminación inteligente.

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Security at Night on S.I.T.E.

Security systems need to work round the clock. Using the Sensor Integrated Test Environment (S.I.T.E.), see a demonstration of how Senstar products can work together at night to help keep your facility secure, by providing multiple levels of deterrence and detection.

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Physical Security and Loss Prevention for Logistics Centers

Learn how you can use video analytics and integrated physical security solutions to secure warehouses and distribution facilities, both indoors and outdoors.

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Physical Security Solutions for Corrections

Learn how Senstar products can help secure correctional institutions to keep the public, staff and inmates safe.

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Senstar Symphony Analytics 101

Watch a live demo of Senstar Symphony Analytics in different regions. Learn about basic configuration, usage of indoor tracking, outdoor tracking and Face Recognition.

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Introdução às Soluções de Proteção de Intrusão Perimetral (Português)

Conheça as principais tecnologias de proteção perimetral oferecidas pela Senstar, com destaque para soluções de fibra ótica e cabo microfônico.

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