Security Digest

Enhancing Razor Wire With Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sensors

Examples of FlexZone on razor wire

The addition of razor wire (also referred to as concertina wire, ribbon, tape or coils) greatly enhances the ability of a security fence or wall to deter and delay intruders. Highly cost-effective and easy to deploy, it is used extensively in high-security applications, including correctional facilities, military bases, borders, and risk-prone commercial sites.

Senstar’s fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection sensors, including the FlexZone locating fence-mounted sensor and FiberPatrol fiber optic intrusion detection sensor, are designed to be installed on razor wire and enhance its effectiveness at providing perimeter security. Detection at the perimeter enables security personnel to quickly assess and respond to security events while the intruders remain delayed or caught up in the razor wire. Any attempt to cut, bypass or disturb the razor wire is immediately detected.

Senstar’s FlexZone and FiberPatrol sensor cables are available in both regular and armored versions. Regular sensor cable may be used when the sensor cable does not come in direct contact with the razor wire, such as when installed directly on the fence fabric. For applications where the sensor cable is attached to toppers or outriggers or (to detect ladder-based attacks, for example), armored cable is recommended. The performance between the regular and armored cables is the same. Advanced environmental rejection algorithms minimize nuisance alarms generated by wind-induced movements of the razor wire.