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Enhance the Value of Palisade and Ornamental Fences by Adding Intrusion Detection Capabilities

Enhance Palisade and Ornamental Fences Value by Adding Intrusion Detection Capabilities

Palisade and ornamental metal (wrought iron or aluminum) fences are found in numerous perimeter security applications. Highly durable and requiring only minimal maintenance, their sturdy, metal construction provides a solid barrier against intrusions and are often seen as more visually appealing than chain link or welded mesh. To improve deterrence capabilities, the vertical posts or pales (typically 7 feet+) can be designed with spiked, pointed or outwardly curved ends to actively discourage climbing attempts.

Deterrence is only part of the security plan, however. Adding a perimeter intrusion detection sensor to the fence enhances the fence’s security value by equipping it with new detection capabilities, transforming it from a passive barrier to an active device providing intelligence at the perimeter.

A Comprehensive Portfolio to Suit your Needs 

Senstar has extensive experience equipping palisade and ornamental security fences with intrusion detection capabilities. Our comprehensive security portfolio includes guided RF, fiber optic, and accelerometer-based fence-mounted sensors. Senstar sensors included software presets for rigid fence while software-based zone configurations enable a single sensor to be used across different fence types (a common occurrence with larger perimeters. 

FlexZone: A guided RF sensor, FlexZone detects and locates intrusions to within ±3 m (10 feet). It is highly cost-effective and easy to install on rigid fences. Typically, two passes are used (along the lower and upper horizontal bars) and is an ideal solution for small to medium sized sites. 

FiberPatrol: A fiber optic-based system, FiberPatrol detects and locations intrusions to within ±4 m (13 feet) and is ideal for large perimeters. Typically only a single pass of cable is required. 

Senstar LM100: The Senstar LM100 is a 2-in-1 system that provides both detection and deterrence functionality. Accelerometers embedded in each luminaire detect climbing and cutting attempts while its fence line targeted LEDs strobe at the intrusion location, illuminating the intruder and letting them know they are detected. 

Discreet Installation 

Both FlexZone and FiberPatrol can be discreetly installed on palisade and ornamental fences. Fences designed with security in mind may include cable management channels designed for intrusion sensors like FlexZone or FiberPatrol, as well as power or communications cabling. For fences without cable management channels, the sensor cables can typically be attached directly to the horizontal bars. On black-painted fences, this allows the sensor cable to easily blend in. 

Connect to Any Security System 

Intrusion alarms from Senstar sensors can be displayed on a variety of security systems, ranging from building intrusion panels to full-featured video and security management systems. Senstar sensors require little maintenance, have long service lives, and feature open communication interface options, ensuring you get the maximum value from your investment in the sensors and the fence itself. 

For More Information 

For more information about how the security of your site can be increased with Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors, contact your local Senstar representative.