Security Digest

Detect and Deter Intruders with the Senstar LM100

Senstar LM100 along the fence surrounding the boat storage yard of customer Aim Marine

The Senstar LM100 is the world’s first 2-in-1 perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence system. Combining accelerometer-based sensors with high performance LED lighting, the Senstar LM100 detects intruders at the fence line and deters them by letting them know they have been exposed.

This video shows three key capabilities of the Senstar LM100 system.

  1.  The Senstar LM100 can detect an intruder, provide an active deterrent by strobing the light at the intrusion location, and trigger an PTZ preset to automatically zoom in for identification purposes.
  2. Video analytics can be used to automatically adjust the illumination intensity of the Senstar LM100 luminaires when someone approaches the perimeter
  3. The Senstar LM100 system can deter an intruder by illuminating them as they approach the perimeter, and then strobing the lights at the intrusion location and driving a PTZ camera.