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Affordable Perimeter Protection In Six Easy Steps

FlexZone perimeter intrusion detection sensor on fence

Detect intruders before they get inside

By itself, an expensive security fence is only a minor deterrent for determined intruders – they can cut-through or climb it in seconds! By the time a building’s alarm system detects them, they could already be stealing or damaging property.

Perimeter Protection

FlexZone is an affordable, easy-to-install fence-mounted intrusion detection and perimeter protection system that enhances an existing fence by detecting and locating any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through.

Detection at the perimeter means alarm systems can be triggered, cameras cued, and deterrence devices such as security lights or sirens, can be automatically engaged while intruders are outside a building or protected area.

Perimeter protection with FlexZone enhances an existing security system, reduces both operational costs and nuisance alarms, and above all, provides peace of mind for those with unmanned properties.

For perimeter protection with FlexZone, only six basic steps are required:

  1. Collect basic site requirements
  2. Identify security issues and risks
  3. Determine equipment requirements
  4. Install equipment
  5. Configure and test for optimal performance
  6. Configure alarm outputs

View the FlexZone How-To Guide for more detailed information, including a sample site survey.