AI Object Tracking Video Analytic

Intelligently Classify and Track Objects
Senstar’s new AI Object Tracking video analytic uses Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms to intelligently classify and track intrusion threats from people and vehicles. Trained for outdoor use in security applications, the analytic supports the creation of virtual zones and directional tripwires. It offers high-performance detection when configured for low-light and thermal cameras.
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Improve Classification

Via deep-learning, it distinguishes between people and vehicles while ignoring background movement, including that from moving vegetation, shadows, and camera shaking. It also maintains detection under poor scene conditions, including glare, vehicle headlights, and fog.

It provides improved classification which makes applications such as people counting more accurate.

 Available as an add-on to Senstar Symphony Common Operating Plaform
 Server-based with GPU support
 Supports all major cameras
 Analytic events can be used to trigger intrusion alarms and custom rules