Taipei Perimeter Security. Video Analytics. Intrusion Detection Sensors.

Video Management. Video Analytics. Intrusion Detection Sensors. Access Control.

With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control, and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated technologies to businesses and organizations in Taipei, Taiwan.

Senstar products have been protecting critical assets around the world for 40 years. Key to our longevity and success is the ability to deliver leading-edge security and risk management solutions, backed by deep industry knowledge and world-class support.

Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system and FlexZone fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor along the fence surrounding an electrical utility site to show examples of Senstar's innovative security solutions

Senstar takes a flexible and innovative approach when addressing the needs of our customers, offering a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that increase security and reduce complexity.

An electrical utility site at dusk reprensenting Senstar's ability to protect critical infrastructure

Senstar protects high risk assets in markets that require high levels of security—including critical infrastructure, military, manufacturing and logistics, corrections, oil and gas, and transportation.

Man in control room with dozens of monitors showing feeds from different cameras, highlighting Senstar's risk mitigation capabilities

Senstar solutions allow customers to gain true organization-level knowledge and business intelligence, allowing for better risk management and decision-making.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the bustling capital of Taiwan and a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes and busy shopping streets. Taipei is known for its thriving street-food scene and many night markets. One of the most popular ones in the Shilin market, with an extensive selection to choose from. The city’s skyline crowns the Taipei 101 skyscraper, which is 509m-tall. It houses upscale shops at its base while also providing fast elevators up to an observatory near the top floor for those who want to have their sightseeing views interrupted by nothing else but natural sunlight. Like in many cities worldwide, critical infrastructure protection is of the utmost importance for our safety and continuity of life. Electricity (Linkou Power Plant – 台灣電力公司 林口發電廠, Longmen Nuclear Power Plant – 龍門核能發電廠), water treatment (Zhitan Purification Plant – 直潭淨水場), transportation networks (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport – 臺灣桃園國際機場) and many other critical infrastructure services are increasingly at risk against natural disasters and terrorist activities.

Coverage Area

Yungho, Sanchung, Chungho, Luchou, Hsintien, Tucheng, Shulin, Hsichih, New Taipei, Guishan, Tanshui, Sanhsia, Yingko, Taoyuan, Keelung.

Video analytics

Video analytics are the future of IP video surveillance. They provide a highly cost-effective way to augment security, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention toward key events and other facility functions like access control or customer behavior monitoring systems that can also be automated for maximum efficiency.

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Man walking the wrong way through an exit point tracked by video analytic

Video Management

Senstar’s video management portfolio offers organizations innovative, flexible solutions that enhance security and streamline operations while reducing overall costs and avoiding vendor lock-in.

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Generic monitoring station to show E5000 PSA capabilities

Fence Sensors

Fence-mounted sensors detect and locate intruders at the fence line, before they get inside a property. Senstar offers a range of fence sensors and other types of sensors and solutions to meet the requirements for sites of all sizes.

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FlexZone on the fence alongside a farmers field

Buried Sensors

Completely covert, buried intrusion detection sensors maintain the aesthetics of a site and are invisible to intruders. Senstar offers two buried sensor technologies, each with distinct benefits depending on the application.

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Render of OmniTrax locating volumetric buried cable intrusion detection sensor detecting an intruder - detection field glows red where intruder is entering the detection field

Above Ground Sensors

Senstar’s above ground volumetric sensors enable flexible solutions that can meet a variety of security challenges, including protection for perimeters, gates, sally ports, and walls.

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Render of UltraWave microwave intrusion detection sensor detecting an intruder entering the cigar-shaped microwave detection zone

Security Management

Senstar’s security management portfolio provides organizations with cost-effective, flexible options when deploying perimeter intrusion detection and access control systems. From basic I/O modules and embedded controllers to full-featured SMS/VMS, Senstar has the solution.

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Security guard sitting at desk in front of screens from Senstar's StarNet security managment systems