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Protected by Video Surveillance warning sign

Integrated intelligent lighting, video and audio systems create a comprehensive security solution.

The following video shows the Senstar LM100 Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Intelligent Lighting System working in combination with Senstar Symphony video management software (VMS), Axis IP speakers, and surveillance cameras.

The LM100 provides uniform illumination along the fence line and detects any attempt to cut, climb or lift the fence fabric. During an intrusion attempt, the LM100’s LED luminaires strobe at the intrusion location to provide a visual deterrent, while the Symphony VMS generates an alarm in the security center, turns cameras to record the intruder, and broadcasts audio warnings to the intruder via Axis IP speakers.

In addition to security, the system provides on-site safety measures. A caution message is broadcast whenever the gate is opened or closed, and the nearby LM100 luminaires strobe, warning anyone nearby of vehicles entering or leaving the yard.

Integrated products:

Senstar LM100 Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection System – Detects intrusion attempts and monitors gate activity.

Senstar Symphony VMS – Notifies security personnel of perimeter alarms and triggers event-specific messages to broadcast.

Axis Communications IP speakers – Broadcasts safety warnings about gate traffic and security warnings to would-be trespassers.