Security Digest

Kingsland Data Center Chooses Senstar Symphony™ To Protect Client Data

Two men viewing monitors showing Senstar Symphony's security management capabilities

Built in 2015, the Kingsland Data Center is Singapore’s first multi-tier wholesale data center.

With dozens of clients counting on Kingsland to protect their servers, networks and data, security at the facility is paramount.

“From the outside of the fence, to touching the door of the data halls, you at least have to go through five levels of checks,” said Asher Ling, COO, Kingsland Data Center. “There is no way you can get around this facility without us knowing it.”

With over 260 cameras monitoring the facility and its perimeter, and the need for those cameras and resulting video to be managed effectively, Kingsland required a video management system that allowed for control of the entire surveillance system from one central location, provided built-in video analytics, and had the flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving requirements.

Kingsland chose Senstar Symphony. Find out why by watching the video.