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Senstar is Among the Top Five Perimeter Intrusion Brands

Senstar is among the top five perimeter intrusion brands

Ottawa, ON, Canada – July 6, 2022 — Senstar, a global provider of video management and perimeter intrusion detection solutions, has been named one of the top five perimeter intrusion brands according to a reader survey conducted by earlier this year.

“As the only company on the Top 5 list that is not a camera manufacturer and with a broad range of security technologies, Senstar is proud to be recognized by the industry as a trusted company in perimeter protection,” said Senstar Managing Director Fabien Haubert.

Senstar’s perimeter-focused integrated technologies cover a wide range of solutions such as fence, buried and above-ground sensors, as well as a modular common operating platform that encompasses video and security management, video analytics, and access control. Recently, Senstar introduced a groundbreaking technology, the sensor fusion engine, as part of this platform. surveyed its readers about the perimeter intrusion detection brands of their choice, features that played a significant role in decision-making, and services that need improvement. Senstar was cited as “an established industry name in perimeter intrusion detection products” and offering integrated technologies for multi-layered perimeter protection.

“The purpose of the survey was to identify the brands that are ‘top of mind’ for the security industry and the features they value the most. For this, we reached out to our readers, mostly based in Asia, who represent the security distribution channel from distributors and resellers to integrators. What the survey reveals is that the line between brands and product groups is fading. Decades ago, a company might be limited to a field like surveillance or intrusion detection. But today, companies can combine different technologies for a diverse solution portfolio to address key security requirements. Channel players place detection accuracy as a top priority and want to integrate their intrusion detection systems with VMS and analytics. They are looking forward to using artificial intelligence to increase accuracy and reduce false alarms,” said Emily Lin, Editor-in-Chief of

Senstar is a leader in the industry that can provide total solutions including perimeter intrusion detection as well as VMS, EAC and analytics. Senstar has been protecting critical assets worldwide in markets such as utilities, logistics, corrections and energy for over 40 years. Key to the company’s longevity and success is the ability to deliver leading-edge security and risk management solutions backed by deep industry knowledge and world-class support.


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With innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems (including fence sensorsburied sensors, and above-ground sensors), intelligent video managementvideo analytics, and access control, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated solutions that reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support. For 40 years, Senstar has been safeguarding people, places and property for organizations around the world, with a special focus in utilitieslogisticscorrections, and energy markets.


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