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Senstar Products Selected To Secure Multiple Airports

Varios aviones en el asfalto en un aeropuerto al atardecer para demostrar la capacidad de Senstar de proteger los aeropuertos de intrusiones y administrar y analizar la videovigilancia

Ottawa, ON, Canada—June 24, 2019—Senstar, a world leader in video management systems (VMS) and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), is pleased to announce its products were recently selected to protect five airports in various locations around the world. These sites join the list of hundreds of civilian and military airports currently using Senstar products.

“Airport infrastructure and assets represent a vital economic engine for many cities and countries making them prime targets for vandals, thieves and terrorists,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Weese. “Senstar products help to keep operations, goods and people safe and moving.”

Senstar’s VMS, video analytics, and associated hardware reduce operator workload and improve overall security monitoring by automatically detecting persons of interest, items left in public spaces, crowd formations, and wrong way movement between landside-airside ingress/egress points. These technologies also streamline operations and centralize IT management in the cloud, saving time and money.

Senstar’s PIDS provide early warning of unauthorized entry onto airport grounds, including into sensitive areas within the apron such as aircraft parking, fuel storage, electrical substations, and navigation/communication equipment areas.

“While Senstar VMS and PIDS are open platforms designed for integration with a wide variety of systems, they work even better together,” said Mr. Weese.

Built-in integration enables security personnel to monitor a wide range of sensors and cameras from a single workstation, with the end result being simplified operator interfaces and reduced response times. For a real world demonstration on the benefits of integrated VMS and PIDS solutions, watch Senstar’s surveillance video of a recent perimeter intrusion attempt.

The new airport projects use the following Senstar products: Symphony VMS (manages 250 cameras), Enterprise Manager software (centralized cloud management), Thin Client network video display appliances, Face Recognition, Automatic License Plate Recognition, Left and Removed Item Detection, Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracker analytics, FiberPatrol® fiber optic fence-mounted intrusion detection system, and OmniTrax® buried cable intrusion detection system.

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