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Protect Remote Sites Easily with a “Drop-in” Security Solution


Critical infrastructure (CI) is the life support for modern civilization. A highly complex, sophisticated network of inter-related systems, CI covers much of what we take for granted – electricity, fuel, clean water, communications – to name a few. The inter-connectedness of CI means that damage to or interruption of services at even smaller or remotely located sites can have substantial repercussions. That’s why critical infrastructure protection (CIP) initiatives are so important for all sites, not just the larger ones.  

For smaller, remotely located sites, selecting and deploying meaningful security technology solutions can be challenging. Consider sites like electrical distribution substations or pump houses for water or natural gas pipelines. Security for a site like this may be very modest, typically a fence, a gate with mechanical lock, and a locked door to the equipment hut. A shared, limited bandwidth network connection is used for the remote monitoring of both operations and security. 

Senstar, with its comprehensive portfolio of security technologies, provides high-performance, field-tested solutions to ensure any physical intrusion attempt is detected: 

  • Fence sensors to detect and locate intrusions at the perimeter 
  • Intelligent lighting to illuminate and potentially deter intruders 
  • Video analytics to track activity inside and outside the perimeter 
  • Devices to monitor access to the gate and equipment 
  • Local video management capabilities to reduce backhaul requirements  
  • Support for cameras from multiple vendors 

These solutions provide valuable protection and can be deployed at costs far below those associated with a serious security incident. However, the choice of a suitable hardware platform to manage these systems – gateway communications, local video storage, and fallback logic in case of network connectivity failure – needs careful consideration. Consider these common site requirements: 

  • Limited physical space in equipment huts or closets 
  • Zero or limited environmental controls (high/low operating temperatures) 
  • Dusty environments and limited on-site maintenance 
  • Requirement for third-party equipment monitoring (digital I/O) 
  • Limited network bandwidth 

One Box Solution: The Senstar E5000 Physical Security Appliance 

The E5000 Physical Security Appliance is a complete security and video management system in a box. It combines compact, purpose-built hardware with the Senstar Symphony™ Common Operating Platform, making it a drop-in solution for a range of security functions, including sensor configuration, security management, video management and storage, and access control.


The E5000’s rugged design supports a temperature range of –20° to 55°C, making it suitable for locations where vibration and temperatures are difficult to manage. Its fanless design also minimizes maintenance requirements in dusty environments, a major issue with traditional fan-cooled server designs. 

For network connectivity, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports enable a wide range of network options. The unit includes the ability to network sensors, cameras, and backhaul connections on separate networks, while built-digital I/O ports and watchdog functions enable integration with other on-site systems. These include alarm panels, power backup, fallback systems, and auto-recovery mechanisms. 

For More Information 

Click here for more information on the Senstar E5000 Physical Security Appliance. For additional reading on protecting remote CI sites, see the digest posts, Protecting Unmanned Remote Sites.