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Outdoor People And Vehicle Tracking: A Video Analytic That’s Not Afraid Of The Weather

Boîte d'analyse entourant un véhicule quittant un parking avec une ligne indiquant son déplacement pour afficher la vidéo analytique de Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking de Senstar

When using video analytics outside, challenging weather and changing light conditions can make it difficult to retain high tracking and object classification accuracy.

Senstar’s Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking (OPVT) analytic is optimized for detecting and monitoring the movement of people and vehicles in outdoor environments. Unlike simple motion detection, OPVT is specifically designed to ignore changes to the video surveillance scene caused by vegetation movement (wind), shadows, rain, and snow. This limits nuisance alarms, allowing security staff to focus on what matters–responding to legitimate safety concerns.

OPVT is available as a native server-based analytic for Senstar Symphony video management software (VMS). Typical applications include perimeter intrusion detection, parking lot monitoring, public safety applications, and wrong-way detection. Events generated by OPVT can be used for alarms, summary videos, dynamic reporting and video search, making it the perfect addition to any video surveillance system.

Alarm Zones

Draw alarm zones over video surveillance scenes to trigger alarms if a person, vehicle, or unknown object is moving within a designated area. OPVT can protect areas where you know what should and should not be present, for example, a building entrance, walkway, or fenced area outside of business hours.

Wrong-Way Detection

Use virtual fences and trip wires to enclose or wall-off designated areas and monitor the direction in which a person, vehicle or object is moving. Symphony VMS can use these events to notify security via alarms, emails or SMS messages, reducing the requirements for permanent staff at controlled ingress/egress points like gates, exit doors, or security checkpoints.

Loitering Detection

Avoid break-ins and prevent vandalism by triggering an alarm if a person or vehicle has been in a predefined area for too long. This type of detection is ideal for areas where a low amount of traffic is expected outside of business hours.

Multi-Layer Security

Integrate OPVT with perimeter intrusion detection and other security systems to form multi-layered security solutions. For example, it can monitor the area near a perimeter to ensure optimal PTZ camera coverage before an intrusion attempt is made. In addition, the analytic can work with intelligent lighting systems such as the Senstar LM100 and other security devices to trigger active deterrence systems.

Check out a video of OPVT in action: