Security Digest

A Cut Above: FiberPatol FP1150 Continues to Detect and Locate After Cable Cut

Diagram of FiberPatrol cut immunity function

When talking to customers about fence-mounted sensors, Senstar’s perimeter security experts often get asked “what happens if someone cuts the sensor cable?”

Our answer… “Not a problem!”

Senstar’s FiberPatrol FP1150 fiber optic intrusion detection system continues to provide detection on the full perimeter even after a sensor cable is cut. A fence-mounted, buried, or wall-top solution, the FP1150 can also be used to protect pipelines and data conduits against interference. Advanced adaptive signal processing along with certified integration options ensure the highest level of security and performance.

When installed in a cut-immune configuration, if the cable is cut, either accidentally or in an attempt to defeat the sensor, the FiberPatrol FP1150 immediately reports the incident, including its exact location. Moreover, the sensor retains the ability to detect and localize intrusions up to the point of the cut. The cable itself can be quickly repaired via standard fiber optic repair techniques.

Take a close look at the image above for a depiction of how cut immunity works.