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Six Challenges in Securing Large Perimeters: Part 2

Six Challenges in Large Perimeters

A recent article posted on summarized six challenges associated with securing the perimeters of large facilities. In our last post, we looked at the first three challenges. In Part 2 of this article, we examine the remaining three challenges in greater depth and look at how Senstar provides best-in-class solutions that, as puts it, serve as part of a holistic approach that integrates technology, personnel and processes to ensure a robust and effective security strategy.

Real-time monitoring and response

Challenge 4: Maintaining real-time monitoring capabilities across a large site can be technologically challenging. Delays in identifying and responding to security threats could exacerbate the impact of a breach or future threats.

Senstar technologies are designed to provide immediate, accurate, and precise information on security threats:

  • Immediately locate intrusions to within a few meters or feet and graphically display results to local or remote security operation centers.
  • Manage video from all major camera manufacturers via ONVIF standards.
  • Provide guard stations with centrally managed video feeds via compact, no-hassle network video appliances.
  • Empower response forces with real-time data on their mobile phones, including live camera feeds and active alarms.
  • Track person and vehicle activity inside and outside the perimeter with outdoor-optimized video analytics.
Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform

The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform provides unified view of perimeter events, access control devices, and surveillance cameras. Client software is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, thin clients, and mobile devices.


Challenge 5: “Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive perimeter security system, including personnel, equipment and technology upgrades can often be costly.”

A major challenge associated with securing large facilities is a lack of power and networking infrastructure along the perimeter, especially at remote locations located away from main buildings or daily activity. Any solution that requires the installation of new power and networking cabling will quickly drive up costs. In addition to the upfront cost, maintaining in-field equipment may increase operating costs if it is not designed and tested for long-term deployment in extreme environmental conditions.

Senstar intrusion detection sensors are designed from the outset to reduce both installation and operating costs. Our products are rigorously tested across their entire service life at our outdoor test facility where they experience extreme temperatures and all-weather conditions.

Senstar Sensor Integrated Test Environment

Senstar has the world’s largest privately held outdoor perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) test facility, aptly named the Sensor Integrated Test Environment (SITE). All our products are rigourously tested under real-world conditions to ensure they meet customer expectations regarding performance, service life, and maintenance.

Depending on requirements, Senstar offer several cost-effective solutions:

  • FiberPatrol: Suitable for both fence and buried applications, this fiber optic sensor requires no active in-field components. Its fiber optic cables have a lifespan of 20+ years and a single unit can cover perimeters up to 80 km (49.7 mi) in length. In addition, its unused fibers can be repurposed to provide networking for other perimeter equipment such as surveillance cameras.
  • FlexZone: A highly cost-effective intrusion detection solution for fences, FlexZone reduces infield infrastructure requirements by carrying networking and power over its sensor cables. Each processor covers a distance of up to 600 m (1,968 ft) and up to 5 processors can share a single low-voltage power supply.
  • OmniTrax: A covert, buried solution, OmniTrax reduces infield infrastructure requirements by carrying networking and power over its sensor cable. Each processor covers a distance of up to 800 m (1/2 mi) per sensor processor and up to 3 processors can share a single low-voltage power supply.

Balancing security and access

Challenge 6: “Striking the right balance between a secure perimeter and the need for convenient access for authorized personnel, visitors and deliveries requires careful management and can be especially challenging at larger sites where the volume is heavy.”

Ensuring daily operations remain unhindered while maintaining security is a critical requirement for any security program. When security becomes overly burdensome or complex, the likelihood of processes and rules being ignored or bent may increase. Fortunately, this risk can be minimized via careful consideration of processes combined with technology solutions:

For More Information

Senstar has been securing critical infrastructure and facilities for over 40 years. The depth and breadth of our institutional knowledge, reflected in our comprehensive portfolio and innovative technologies, enables us to offer solutions that solve the security challenges faced at large facilities.  For information on our Senstar can help secure your facility, contact your local representative.