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2-Factor Authentication with Senstar’s Face Recognition Video Analytic

Using face rec with access control for 2-factor authentication

Biometrics are human characteristics considered unique to the individual which can be used to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. Examples include fingerprints, voice cadence and facial patterns.

From a security perspective, biometrics are an ideal solution for crime prevention and other security purposes.

Face Recognition as a Key Biometric

Face or facial recognition is a form of biometrics whose reliability has developed to be on par with fingerprint and iris recognition. The reasons for this advancement are higher camera resolutions and increasingly effective algorithms.

Face recognition works in the following way:

  1. Detecting a face in a photo or video (is this a face: yes or no?)
  2. Digitally capturing the face based on the person’s specific facial features
  3. Comparing the face and searching for a match in a database

Face Recognition + Access Control = 2-Factor Authentication

Face recognition can be used to secure locations and buildings that require an increased level of security. Combining face recognition and access control is known as 2-factor authentication and uses two of the three authentication types – something you know, something you have, or something you are – to significantly increase the level of security.

Access control badges can be lost or stolen and access codes forgotten or shared. Face recognition integrated with access control provides a cost-effective way to address these issues.

An organization that uses face recognition in combination with an existing badge or code access system follows these steps:

  1. Access to secure areas is controlled by doors or gates with badge readers
  2. When a person approaches the secured door / gate, a camera detects their face
  3. The face recognition software compares the face with faces in the database
  4. When a person is authorized, the VMS instructs the access control system to use the badge reader
  5. If unauthorized persons are detected, the VMS can instruct the access control system to block access, notify security services and call up a live feed.

Senstar’s Face Recognition Video Analytic

Senstar offers a high-performance face recognition video analytic within its Senstar Symphony video management software (VMS). Utilizing patented 2D and 3D technology, this analytic is designed for fast, reliable identification under real-life conditions. The algorithm takes into account light, camera angles, facial hair, glasses and much more, making it an optimal pairing for access control.

Senstar Symphony VMS searches through stored video to match/recognize faces

Using the search function in Senstar Symphony, manual searching through stored video is no longer necessary. Simply upload an image of a person and view automatically recorded video to find every image that contains that person.

Senstar Face Recognition offers ease of use and intuitive integration for the various available VMS functions. Senstar Symphony comes with built-in analytics support – all analytics modules can be enabled in real time without having to deploy additional servers.

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