Senstar Rugged Controller

Remote Management with Local Fallback

The Senstar Rugged Controller is a ruggedized, embedded controller that enables remote management of Senstar security sensors and provides local control of security functions. Ideal for remote, unmanned sites, it provides a platform on which security, communications, and backup systems can be automated if network connectivity is lost. On-site technicians can also use the controller as an access point when performing maintenance or troubleshooting.

Icon representing how Senstar's software functions as the gateway for their hardware sensors

Gateway for Senstar Sensors

  • Provides an IP-based interface to on-site security sensors and devices for use by centralized video and security management software (VMS/SMS)
  • Can use facility’s existing WAN/SCADA network
  • Remotely configure, monitor, and diagnose Senstar sensors
  • Local on-site display of alarm, event logs, and diagnostic data
  • Auto-restart and hardware redundancy support

Icon of a map pin pointing to two locks, representing Senstar's products' ability to locally control security devices

Local Control of Security Devices

  • Provides a fallback if primary communications link is lost
  • Programmable I/O logic engine
  • Control local I/O devices via Senstar UltraLink I/O cards

Icon of multiple computer ports representing Senstar hardware's rugged platform

Rugged Hardware Platform

  • Fanless, DIN-rail mounted module
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Built-in I/O ports for direct monitoring and device control (4 inputs, 4 outputs)
  • VGA and USB ports for on-site technician access

How It Works

Reduce on-site visits by performing common tasks remotely. The Senstar Rugged Controller runs Senstar’s suite of sensor software, including the Network Manager, the Universal Configuration Module (UCM), and the Sensor Management Toolkit (status information, event logs, and real-time plots). With this software, organizations can configure, monitor, and manage Senstar security sensors from a central location. This access point can be used both remotely over the WAN/SCADA network or locally by an on-site technician.

Senstar Rugged Controller embedded remote security management controller box inset on image of remote electrical utility site

Senstar Rugged Controller Features

Local Fallback

The Senstar Rugged Controller can be programmed to manage on-site security devices if the network connection to the central monitoring system is temporarily lost. For example, the Controller can initiate local video recording devices or activate automated deterrent devices like lights, sirens, or audio recordings if the local sensors report an intrusion during a network outage.

Manage Security Devices

With support for Senstar’s UltraLink I/O cards as well as Network Manager’s Alarm Logic Engine, the Senstar Rugged Controller can issue and receive events to and from a wide range of devices, including I/O based camera control, third-party sensor equipment, access control devices and intrusion panels.

Built-In Redundancy and Auto-Reboot

The Senstar Rugged Controller can be deployed in pairs so that if one fails, the other one becomes active, ensuring that all connected sensors continue to report alarms to the central monitoring facility and that remote access capabilities are maintained. In addition, the software is configured to start automatically at power-up without the need for user log-on and to automatically restart in the unlikely event of a system crash.

A Tough System for a Tough Job

The Senstar Rugged Controller is designed for use in unattended industrial applications. A fanless device, it operates under an extended temperature range and dust-filled environments. Compact and DIN-rail mounted, it can be installed in an equipment locker alongside other site-specific electronics.

Deployment Diagram

The Senstar Rugged Controller is designed to provide remote access at unmanned sites. In addition to managing Senstar sensors, supports connections to a wide range of I/O devices and security systems. 

Senstar Rugged Control embedded remote security management controller deployment diagram

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