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What Should Integrators Consider When Partnering with Manufacturers?


The role system integrators play in deciding which products and manufacturers to recommend when starting a physical security project is extremely important to the project’s overall success – selecting the right products from the right manufacturers can be the difference between a smooth, hassle-free, profitable experience or one that is plagued with issues, the draining of resources, and unplanned expenses.  

Senstar prides itself in our solid, long-term partnerships with system integrators. We’ve identified four key pillars that form the basis of our mutual success, and can help you in evaluating the suitability of a manufacturer for your future projects. 

  1. A High-Performing, Comprehensive Portfolio

System integrators understand that different sites have differing security and operational requirements. If you choose to work with a product manufacturer that only offers one technology, it’s only natural they will recommend it, even if it’s not the best fit for the specific site in question. That’s why Senstar offers a range of physical security solutions, including perimeter sensors, video analytics, gate protection, intelligent lighting, access control, and video management software. We’ll recommend the best solution for the job and, if there is equipment or solutions from other vendors that you wish to incorporate alongside of our products, our Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, certified integrations, and open interfaces provide the flexibility you need to ensure that the final, delivered solution meets or even exceeds the customer’s expectations. 


  1. Support Throughout Project Lifecycle

Disposable technology may be common in the consumer realm, but for the physical security industry, projects can easily span to 10 years or longer. The relationship between you and the end-customer doesn’t end after installation, and nor should the relationships with your manufacturers. When you partner with Senstar for a project, you gain access to people and resources that span the entire lifecycle, from initial planning to installation to future maintenance and beyond. 

Plan for Success 

Our field sales engineers (FSEs) can help with your initial planning, proposing solutions that meet your customer’s security, operational, and budgetary needs. Our FSEs have the necessary industry experience and knowledge to foresee potential issues, suggest solutions, and ensure any deployed technology is suitable and sustainable for the specific customer’s requirements.  

Install With Confidence 

There’s nothing more frustrating for integrators than, after having carefully designed a solution, it performs poorly due to incorrect product installation. In addition to extensive product documentation, how-to videos, and an online knowledge base, Senstar offers installer certification courses, ensuring technicians know how to efficiently install our products and ensure they are configured for optimal performance. 

Establish Long-Term Relationships 

Senstar products are designed to last extended periods of time under real-world conditions (we even have products installed over 30 years ago that are still active!). Most Senstar products include a three-year limited warranty, with no-cost extended warranties for up to 5 years (depending on product). Our support centers are located strategically world-wide, ensuring 24/7 support in multiple languages. For customers requiring higher levels of support, our Senstar Care program offers guaranteed service levels, replacement/spare management, on-site support, and annual site audits, for the entire lifespan of the system. Integrators can leverage our extensive support capabilities to nurture long-term customer relationships and benefit from on-going support contracts. 

  1. A Proven Track Record

With over 40 years of experience providing innovative physical security solutions, Senstar has profound, in-depth industry knowledge, which it uses to bring new technologies to the market. We understand the need for integrators to provide high-performance solutions to customers that work under real-world conditions. Unplanned (and un-budgeted) customer support due to a poorly performing system, unreliable operation, or over-complex implementation is not an option.  

In addition to concerns about real-world performance, supply chains are another issue that continues to challenge manufacturers and affect integrator bottom-lines. Senstar, like other technology companies, is not immune to the global supply chain crisis. That being said, Senstar has shown remarkable resilience over the last 3 years, with the vast majority of our products continuing to ship on schedule. Our product development and manufacturing teams continue to work closely with suppliers, offer customers alternatives when possible, and, if necessary, redesign products to ensure long-term availability.  

  1. Long-Term Stability

For projects with long lead times and service lives, it’s critical system integrators select manufacturers that have the product and financial stability to be able to deliver, both now and down the road. To assist integrators and provide confidence in our products, Senstar provides clear product lifecycle plans, with customer notifications of end-of-sales, long-term support, and future migration paths being provided years in advance. Be they critical infrastructure, correctional institutions, energy production, or logistic operations, customers require high-performing solutions not just now but in the years to come and will continue to rely on the stability and support of integrators and manufacturers throughout their years of operation.  

A Partner That Has Your Back 

As a development and manufacturing company, Senstar understands the importance system integrators play in the security, protection and operation of customer sites. Part of our longevity and success is a result of our emphasis on working closely with system integrators and end-customers to ensure our sensors, management software, and integrations meet the highest levels of performance and quality, both now and in the years to come. 

For additional information on how Senstar can you, contact your regional Senstar sales representative.